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The Game of Life 2
Live 1000 lives in the official sequel to the classic board game, The Game of Life! Will you be a Video Blogger or a Robotics Engineer? Play now!

About The Game of Life 2

Live your life the way you want and get thousands of lives in this multiplayer board game of The Game of Life 2. You can choose your career or get married. Buy a house, start a family and reach the highest peak of your career. This game will give you everything you need in your life, you just have to know how to play the game. You can be the wealthiest person in the game if you know how to make your career. To play the game you need to know the tips and tricks. Here, let’s take a look at this guide. 

The Game of Life 2 allows you to take control of your life. At first, you have to select the color of the peg, your car, and your clothes. You will get many options while you play this multiplayer board game, and your choices will have good or bad consequences. Your kid can choose to have a college degree, become a doctor, a vlogger, a pop star, a robotics engineer, or anything they want. They will get the choice of starting their career, or a married life with kids, a house with insurance, and much more. 

Features of The Game of Life 2

The Game of Life 2 is a multiplayer board game. Here you are in control of your life. You can choose the life and career you want, and roll the dice in the ways of that only.  

The levels of this game are amazing. You will never get bored with the choices. Once you understand the gameplay, you can easily plan your life, and get to live thousands of lives in one classic board game. Check out the best features of this game.

You can play this game with three others. 

You will get a video chat feature, where you can talk to your friends face to face. 

This is an advertisement-free game. 

You will get the game translated into six languages such as Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and English. 

This is a multiplayer game

You can play without an internet connection. 

The Game of Life 2 is a multiplayer board game. You will enjoy this game of building your life from scratch. You can choose your career and personal life, buy a home, and retire with lots of money.   

Once you start playing the game, you will understand more about the board game, and how to build your life from scratch. To understand this exciting game, you need to check the step-by-step procedure below.

Step One: Use the Spinner

You have to start the game by spinning the wheel. When you are playing with others, the highest spinner will begin the gameplay. Then after that, everyone will get their turns. At first, when you turn the wheel, you can choose of purchasing a home or auto insurance, only if you have a house in this game. And you can buy stocks if you don’t have a house. 

Step Two: Career or College

You can choose from the options like career, marriage, or education. If you have selected a career, you have to drive your vehicle in the career area, and from there you can choose the career options. If the career option requires education, you can draw another card. To get a degree, you have to drive the car to the college location. 

Step Three: Buy House and Get Insurance

You can buy a house with the money you have in the bank. If you don’t have enough to invest in a house, you can take a loan from the bank. You can get insurance for your car and home, and this will protect your house from natural disasters. You can get stocks if you are thinking of buying a house. 

What Are the Rewards?

You can get points for happiness and the wealth you earn. You will get extra points when you show the right morals, and make good choices. You can get bank loans, funds based on denomination, and salary enhancement. In the beginning, you will get ten thousand dollars from the bank. You will get life tokens after you retire in this board game. 

The Game of Life 2 is a classic multiplayer board game. Here, you get to build your life from scratch and make better choices. You can live thousands of lives in one game, and become the wealthiest person. 

You will have to make wise and moral choices to earn more coins. If you loved playing this puzzle game, you can share your valuable thoughts, so that other classic multiplayer board game lovers can get more assistance and have fun.




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