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Kick The Buddy: Second Kick
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About Kick The Buddy: Second Kick

What is Kick The Buddy - Second Kick About?

Kick the Buddy - Second Kick is a game that’s all about beating up an annoying doll. Unlike other games where you have to care for a virtual pet, Kick the Buddy lets you unleash chainsaws, guns, explosives, and more on a digital tormentor. Let out your anger and show the Buddy who’s boss!

Kick the Buddy Second Kick Description

Some games have goals. Others tell stories, allow you to build elaborate villages and buildings, or let you create art. Kick the Buddy - Second Kick does none of that. Instead of trying to aspire to lofty goals, it settles for simple, freeform gameplay. With no goals, story, or other driving factors, you simply are allowed to kick the buddy however you’d like.

The “buddy” is an odd, animated doll that constantly talks. It’s not particularly polite, taunting and jeering in a feeble attempt to get your goat. It’s annoying, certainly, but it’s not any more annoying than the tutorial NPCs in other games, and those aren’t actively trying to make you want to shoot them.

While the game is called Kick the Buddy, you’ll probably almost never actually kick your small companion. Instead, the game allows you to purchase a ridiculous selection of weapons, tools, torture devices, explosives, and more. Unleash a barrage of bullets on the buddy with an assault rifle, crush him in a vice, throw grenades at him, unleash bees, and more. You’ll be greeted with more violent options to harm the buddy than you know what to do with.

This isn’t to say that you’re only limited by your imagination. Instead, you’re only limited by your wallet. Kick the Buddy comes with very few weapons and tools unlocked by default. In order to get the rest, you’ll have to spend cash or gold. You get small quantities of cash each time you injure the buddy, enabling you to slowly unlock weapons as you play. Gold, however, is only bought via a real-life cash shop, and it’s fairly pricey.

Kick the Buddy is a typical “free” mobile game in terms of ads. While you can pay a small price to remove ads forever, it’s also not a game that’s likely to hold your interest for a huge amount of time. Each of the tools in Kick the Buddy does the same thing every time you use it. It’s neat to unleash bees or use a flamethrower or an elaborate torture device the first few times, but after that, you’re essentially watching a short video you’ve already seen.

Kick the Buddy is not necessarily a game that’s inappropriate for children, but it’s also not a bastion of good parenting. The lack of puzzles or gameplay elements beyond kicking the buddy means there’s not a lot of educational value, while the constant ads and cash shop will probably cause friction between you and your children. An option to upload or take a photo and put a person’s face on the buddy borders on worrying. At some level, it’s not unlike putting a picture on a dartboard, but that’s also not a thing that’s very cool these days. Realistically, your kids will grow tired of Kick the Buddy fairly soon, so it might not be a bad idea to give in to their demands, hold a few supervised play sessions, and then move on to apps that are more parent-approved.

Kick the Buddy - Second Kick doesn’t have any gameplay goals. This means you’re free to play the game however you’d like. If you’d like to earn coins efficiently, however, you’ll want to combine various weapons to keep the buddy still while doing lots of fast, low-damage hits.

The reasons for this are simple. First, the buddy moves all over the screen when you hit him. If you’ve got a powerful weapon (like a machine gun), it’s hard to maintain your aim while firing as fast as you can. To keep him still, use a device like a toaster and stick the buddy in it. You don’t have to pull down the handle. Just stick him in and whack him with a mace or shoot him with a pistol to your heart’s content.

As far as damage goes, remember that the buddy can die. Dead buddies grant fewer coins. This means that you’ll want something that hits a lot but does a small amount of damage. Experiment with the weapons you have unlocked to figure out what works best for you.

Are you a Kick the Buddy - Second Kick master? What are your favorite weapons? Did you dress up your buddy? What are your favorite methods for farming coins? Let us know in the comments below!




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