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Temple Run
Temple Run is a fun runner game in 3D, giving it an ultra-realistic and dynamic experience!

About Temple Run

Temple Run is an adventurous game designed by Imangi Studios. The game can entertain you the most if you love to run and escape. It is super exciting but full of challenges. You have stolen an idol from the temple. Hence, you will have to run away to protect yourself. The cursed idol might not cause dangers, but the Evil Demon Monkeys will create obstacles throughout the game. You can test your moves while crossing the temple and sheer cliffs. You will have to jump, run, and turn to avoid obstacles and reach the destination. While doing so, you can collect coins, unlock new characters, and buy power-ups. You can run fast, upgrade your characters, and know obstacles. You can keep reading if you want to understand the game more. 

Temple Run will test your running and adventure skills. You can run, jump, slide, and try all the possible ways to stay safe from the Demon Monkeys. These creatures will create obstacles for you. You can run, jump, and do whatever possible to protect yourself. Since you cannot hide, you can be extra alert while crossing the temple. Your goal is to run as fast as possible. You will face more challenges in the advanced stage. If you slow down, monkeys can get you. As a result, you will lose the game. Hence, you will have to avoid this by observing the surrounding. However, the game will give you an option to continue. You will get an ad to go ahead in unfavorable conditions. While playing, you can collect coins. Coins are optional, and you can get them while progressing. You can use them to buy different characters, items, and power-ups. You can also use the leaderboard to compete with other players.

Features of the Temple Run

Temple Run is all about running safely and reaching the destination. There will be challenges and puzzles in the game. You might lose the game when you slow down. Monkeys will catch you, and you will have to use an ad to start again from that place. Here are some features you can go through to understand the game and play better.

Tilt and swipe easy-to-use controls

Use power-ups and level up your character

You will have the option to play seven different characters

3D mechanics for jumping, tilting, sliding, running or turning

Leaderboard to compete with others

The game is easy to play, but you have challenges throughout the game. Once you start playing, you can visualize the obstacles. Hence, you will have to plan every step and make fast moves. Here are the steps you can consider to play well and win the game.

Step One: Understand the Game

You will have to understand the game and maintain the pace accordingly. You will lose the game if you slow down. Monkeys will catch you, and you might lose the game.

Step Two: Collect Coins

You will have to understand the value of coins and collect them. While progressing in the game, you will have to use every possible way to earn game coins. You can use those game coins to buy character skins and power-ups. But you will have to focus more on your safety than on collecting game coins.

Step Three: Jump Wherever Possible

You can jump whenever possible instead of sliding. There will be many challenges, including small gaps, fire, and tree branches. If you jump safely, you can cross game obstacles. But sliding might be dangerous in some cases.

Step Four: Buy Powerups

You can buy powerups to boost your character and achieve more. You can consider buying 50-coin, invisibility, coin magnet, utilities, double value coins, and 250m boost.

What Are the Rewards?

You will earn coins while playing Temple Run. You can collect coins while running faster and use them to unlock new characters. Coins will give you points, and you can get more points by staying alive.

Temple Run is a challenging and exciting game. You might find the gameplay easy, but there will be many surprises. Understand the game setting and know the obstacles if you want a safe journey. You cannot hide, but you can run fast and protect yourself from obstacles.

Act fast and enjoy the game to the fullest. Share your winning experience and help others to perform better. 




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