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KonMari Spark Joy!
Spark Joy! is a storybook puzzle game in the form of solving different puzzles by using the KonMari Method.

About KonMari Spark Joy!

KonMari Spark Joy: Live In Your Dream World 

You all have read or watched stories where a young girl takes charge of her life and starts to explore the world. But with KonMari Spark Joy experiences the joy of playing it.

The game starts with the story of a young girl who is very safe because of the problems that she thinks of herself as very big but one fine day she decides to go out and meet people to solve their problems. In this journey, she meets two of her spirited friends Marei Kondo and Mononoke.

You can play the game without any problem as the gameplay is very straightforward and understandable. You'll have a great time playing this game. Not convinced? Then know about its features to believe in the entertaining power of KonMari Spark Joy.

Features Of KonMari Spark Joy 

Now let's move on to know the game features of KonMari Spark Joy. The characters in the game are very interesting and can also be given major credit for making the game fun. Let's know them and other aspects of this game as follows:

Not so expensive to buy and play 

Easy to play 

Brain challenging puzzles

Beautiful and soothing soundtracks 

Marei Kondo and Mononoke - two spirited beings 

Stunning 3D graphics 

No in-app purchases

No forcing links 

No third-party advertisements 

Explore many amazing locations and know different people 

KonMari Spark Joy as you now know is based on a story therefore the game runs in proper order. There are five steps to follow in the game if you want to play it well and master it soon. These five steps are quite easy and are as follows:

Step 1

You will be kind of a little depressed character in the game who has a lot of problems and is not able to find solutions for them. Therefore in this stage, you have to look out for these problems and stand up to explore the world and different people. 

Step 2 

As you'll go out to different places you'll meet Marei Kondo and Mononoke, the two spirited beings who will be with you in your whole journey of going to different corners of the world and meeting people who have many unique problems. Further, not only these two kinds of spirits will be with you but also help you in solving the problems of different people.

Step 3 

Next, enjoy going to places and observing things there. Don't forget to taste the native food items and talk to people. Ask people about their problems and solve the puzzles to get the solutions for them. There are two types of puzzles to help you get the solutions one will help you find clarity while the other where you have to solve the cubes will help you get the far-sighted solutions.

Step 4 

As you will move in the game will get a little tough and the people you'll meet then will have great problems in life. The puzzles that you will solve will also be a little hard to solve. But don't worry about these things because Marei Kondo and Mononke will also give you clues for solving them.

Are There Any Rewards

Yes, many rewards are waiting for you in the game. Here you'll not get rewards like you get in other games where you need to solve the puzzles but will only be rewarded when you'll solve people's problems and make them happy again. Isn't it amazing that you are contributing to making the world happy in this game? Yes, it is a very good thing to feel proud about.

KonMari Spark Joy is a wonderful game which is not only fun but also very relaxing with its soothing soundtrack. The game can be played by persons of any age as it has everything which a little kid as well as an adult would like.

You can buy this game for a very less cost thus making it affordable to almost all people. Also, you don't have to worry about any in-app purchases or disturbances. So, are you ready to become the partner of Marei Kondo and Mononoke?




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