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Like A Dino!
If you are tired of fancy music games, if you have a love for simple and fun games, then please do not easily miss this "Like A Dino!

About Like A Dino!

Match the rhythm, so you can stack Dino’s neck in Like A Dino!

Like A Dino! is an easy game to play, because all you need to do is grow Dino’s neck. The first Dino you have is a green one, and it comes with a green background. It is a simple looking game with a small dinosaur, and a dotted line. When you start the game, straight bars will drop down from the top. The speed is normal for the first game; the aim is to slide Dino left and right to make the head to the bars.

When you are successful, the bars will make Dino’s neck longer. The song will keep repeating until Dino misses. The first song is Like A Dino! which is a catchy and easy song to listen to while you try to beat your own high score. You have 3 tries to get Dino’s neck as long as you can, when you miss a bar you lose a life. 

Slide Dino left and right so his head will be in line with the bars, you have to keep Dino’s head until the bar finishes stacking on his neck. If you move the neck before the bars run out, you will lose a life. Dino will go Oops!

The score on the left-hand corner will match the amount of money you collect after the game ends. You can use the coins to unlock new songs and new dinosaurs. Like A Dino! tells of a love story between two dinosaurs. The songs in the game are specially created for the game, it has titles like It’s OK, Not To Be OK! You will notice that the songs are catchy and can keep playing until you lose the game. 

Unlocking Dino and Songs

In the Love Story Section, you pay coins to unlock dinosaurs, you will notice that the female version of Dino is Dina and the background changes to pink when you select her to play. Dina has no special powers, but she is part of the story. If you uninstall the game, you will have to replay and recollect all the characters again. 

There is a story in the game, and it largely revolves around the two dinosaurs in the game. Mood section contains songs and the cost to unlock them. When you select a song, the dinosaur you are using will appear on the right side of the box. A more obvious sign is the color of the background. 

To collect coins, you have to keep stacking Dino’s neck. There is nothing to distract you in the game, just a calm and quick tempo tune, bars that keep dropping down from the top and a growing dinosaur at the bottom. Your timing has to be good, and keep your finger on the dino. The best thing to do is to slide the dino where you want it to go, rather than swiping left and right.

Hints and tricks

You will notice that the songs do not coincide with the bars dropping and appearing. It appears randomly independent of what is playing in the background. Like A Dino! might look like a beat matching game, but it is a reaction time game. If you are looking for a game that helps you practice your reaction and anticipation skills, this is a game you have to play.

Because there is no rhyme and reason, you rely a lot on watching where the bars appear and quickly move Dino before the bars hit the dotted line. When the bar lands on the neck, Perfect will appear to congratulate you on your timing. You do have some room for error, but it is easy to the bar if you do not move fast enough. The longer Dino’s neck is, the harder it will get as more bars appear. Bars will come in random lengths, and you have to stay until all the bars land on its neck. Move before the last bar stacks and it will be Opps!

The game is easy to play but hard to master, you will be encouraged to restart and keep playing to beat your own high score. Post your proudest score in Like A Dino! in the comment area below so that more people will be inspired to play the game. 






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