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Project Makeover
If you like to experience triple elimination free handheld games, then please do not easily miss this "Project Makeover".

About Project Makeover

Project Makeover is a theme-based game with multiple exciting levels. It is loaded with a lot of dramatic characters who never miss a chance to entertain you with their choices and dramatic scenes that they create at your place. This is not all, as the game has many such funny, entertaining, and knowledgeable things in it. So, let's get started to explore it with the following sections below! 

Now you might have understood that you'll be a makeup artist in the game and thus have to welcome and deal with many different types of people.  Different here means that every client that comes to you has a different personality and that can be egoistic, tempered, generous, funny, etc. So, you have to be a little cautious with them.

Pick up your brush and start styling them with your choice called "Avtaar " or solve puzzles to get at the right dress style that will best suit your client's personality. 

Not only this, but you also have to do your makeup as well to look like a professional makeup artist. The game level goes on increasing as you keep on passing the existing levels. Try to stand out as the best makeup artist by minimizing makeup mistakes and get a chance to participate in the Red Carpet Events as a reward. 

Project Makeover's Features

There are multiple features in the game that will make you tired to read the list and then jump on the game to play. These will make you want to come here every time in your free time. So, tight up your belt and know the features of Project Makeover as follows: 

A lot of makeup accessories

Numerous fashionable clothes 

A long queue of clients 

Amazing decorating items 

Funny and extreme personalities

Challenging obstacles

Addictive puzzles 

Several choices for makeovers 

Realistic themes and graphics 

Chance to participate on the red carpet and live your dream

Breathtaking rewards and awards 

Exciting levels 

Project Makeover is a tempting game for all makeup lovers and especially for those who are always ready to try different types of fashion styles and clothes. No matter whether you are a fresher in the game or someone who has played similar games it becomes very important to know how to play this game and become a pro in it. So, you can know the steps to be followed in the game as follows: 

Step  1

First, decorate your dressing room where you will serve your clients. Use different decorating items from the tool bucket and give them a try in your room. Doing this will make the place attractive and will tempt the clients to have a makeover from you.

Step 2 

Remember that the clients that are reaching you have no experience or taste in fashion, they are kind of rookie who doesn't even know their personality and thus don't know what to wear that suits them. So, you have to design dresses and choose makeup and hairstyle for them. This is going to include a lot of drama as sometimes the client may not like the look that you have decided for them and can create some nuisance.  Therefore, be ready to tackle all this with a lot of entertainment. 

Step 3 

Solve the puzzles to unlock other features and makeup tools. The puzzles are quite easy and pop in between so don't miss them and always solve them to get new and branded makeup accessories. And yes, select your favorite model or dress like that to participate in the red carpet event.

How Can You Get The Rewards In Project Makeover? 

Earning and claiming the rewards in Project Makeover isn't a big task. All you need to do is just get into the flow and solve the tricky puzzles whenever you get a chance. Solve them and earn a new fashion kit or top every time! 

Final Say 

Project Makeover is a free game where you can gain a lot of experience handling different types of clients and their needs. It is a good decision-making game where you can style your clients your way which is best suited to them. 

So, pick up your phone and get ready to brush up on your makeover skills with Project Makeover! 




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