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My Talking Angela
My Angela is a nurturing game. Players can adopt a dedicated virtual pet, Angela, and help her grow from a baby cat to a cat beauty.

About My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela is a game that’s about dressing up a cat and helping her fulfill her needs and desires. Feed, bathe, and brush Angela, style her hair and do her makeup, and dress her up as she travels the world!

My Talking Angela  is an app designed for kids. It features Angela, a humanoid cat who’s a big part of the Talking Tom & Friends franchise. Angela can be found in many mobile games, a YouTube web series, and more.

In My Talking Angela , you get to help Angela go about her daily life. You get to help her wake up and get ready for the day through tasks like cooking, eating, bathing, brushing, and more. Once she’s ready, you can travel all around the world, dress her up, and change her hair. It’s a simple life simulator that combines caring for a pet with dressing up a doll.

In addition to the core dress-up and life-sim gameplay of My Talking Angela , you’ll also be able to play brief minigames like Donut Spin and Sleepy Bugs. These cute games will give you plenty of in-game rewards if you earn a score of 13,000 or more, so be sure to play them occasionally to earn diamonds, flight tokens, and occupation tokens to help Angela on her journeys.

Speaking of in-game rewards, it’s worth talking about how My Talking Angela  handles progression. Like other games in the Talking Tom & Friends series, My Talking Angela  is deliberately set up to be mostly safe for kids to play. It’s not obtrusive with its microtransactions, microtransactions are cosmetic only, and you’ll be able to unlock just about everything with a bit of patience and plenty of playtime. 

That said, you’ll want to have a conversation with your kids about the in-game resources and what they need to do to unlock various cosmetics. Activities like bathtime, makeup, and dress-up all present you with options you haven’t unlocked yet constantly. If your credit card is hooked up to the game, your kids might be tempted to spend money to get new soaps, makeup, or clothes for Angela sooner. Make sure they understand that they shouldn’t do that and teach them how to earn these rewards for themselves using in-game activities.

My Talking Angela  is very much a game designed for kids. It’s tough to get stuck or encounter any real challenges over the course of the game. The lack of pushy microtransactions make it a fairly appealing game to parents, but there’s not a huge amount of educational value. Instead, it’s essentially a virtual doll that can be played with in a variety of ways. Unlike physical toys, however, kids aren’t encouraged to use their imagination when they play with Angela. Instead, they’re presented with on-screen scenarios with limited options and very tangible objectives and rewards.

Tips and Tricks for My Talking Angela 

Your first priority with My Talking Angela  should be taking care of Angela’s basic needs. This means that you’ll want to keep her clean and brushed, feed her regularly, and give her appropriate medicine when she gets sick. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to let her get plenty of sleep when she starts feeling tired.

When Angela goes to sleep, she doesn’t start feeling energetic right away. Instead, it takes her time for her stamina meter to replenish. This acts sort of like an energy bar in games like Candy Crush, but in a game for kids, it’s a welcome way to limit screen time and reinforce the idea of regular rest in real life. Angela’s bedtime serves as a semi-forced break that will give your kids the opportunity to read a book, take a nap, or get caught up on homework.

My Talking Angela  has plenty of minigames to play. Not only do these minigames give you something to do when Angela is taken care of, but they also give fairly good rewards. Play minigames that you enjoy, but try to focus on ones that you can easily achieve a high score in. Scores below 13,000 give you a different set of rewards.

Finally, be comfortable with watching ads. My Talking Angela  is very up-front with its advertisements and you’ll need to watch a lot of them to unlock everything and make progress in the game. If you spend your first few hours trying to avoid these, you’ll lose out on cool cosmetics and options that you could have been playing with the whole time. If you don’t want your kids being exposed to ads at all, My Talking Angela  probably isn’t the game for you.

Are you a My Talking Angela  pro? What are your favorite outfits, accessories, and options for Angela? What are your favorite minigames? Do you have tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below!




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