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My Talking Tom Friends
The team behind the original My Tom Cat, My Tom Cat 2, My Angela and other popular virtual pet games start a revolution in virtual pet simulation!

About My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends is a life simulator starring a cast of cute anthropomorphic animals. Interact with Tom the Cat and his friends in their daily lives and help them do all of their favorite activities in order to earn gold and purchase cosmetics so you can dress them up.

My Talking Tom Friends is a game that’s designed for kids. In My Talking Tom Friends, you get to scroll around a house occupied by Talking Tom and his friends. As they go about their business, thought bubbles will periodically pop up with activities or objects that they’re interested in. Your goal is to allow them to achieve their dreams by taking them to these objects or activities.

Freedom to Choose

Of course, just like the Sims, you’re not forced to actually do the things that Tom and his friends want. You can have them plant vegetables when they want to play, give them baths for hours at a time, and ignore their urgent desires. Nothing bad seems to happen when you do this, but you’re rewarded for helping them do the things that they want. In other words, there are incentives to do the “right” things and you don’t get anything for doing things “wrong.”

Designed for Kids

The gameplay in My Talking Tom Friends is simple and easy. Not only do characters tell you incredibly directly what they want to do (a red toilet means that Tom needs to go potty, for example), but you can actually tap on the thought bubbles to instantly bring characters to the object of their desires. This means that it’s not a particularly challenging game for adults. Older kids might get bored of the core gameplay quickly, but the customization options and the ability to rebel might increase the appeal for a few more years.

Freemium Purchases

My Talking Tom Friends has many in-game cosmetics that you can unlock through random loot bags and in-game currency. The game is quite generous with its free rewards. Not only do you get gold for doing basic tasks, but every so often you’re given a bus ticket that allows you to visit a store in the city. This store will give you several loot bags to choose from, each with randomized rewards. Between these systems, you’ll make progress unlocking cosmetics at a fairly steady pace, meaning you likely won’t feel compelled to spend money in the game. As the only purchasable items are cosmetics, it’s tough to get trapped in a situation where you need to spend real-life cash.

My Talking Tom Friends has cute characters and charming animations. The game is designed to appeal to children, which means that it’s not likely to hold your attention if you’re over 13. Several of the My Talking Tom games have been criticized for being “creepy” on the internet, but this complaint seems to be directed at uncanny valley experiences from the animated animals, strange bugs, and players drawing a lot of inferences. It’s a very safe game for kids to play as long as you don’t leave your credit card hooked up to the in-game store.

Mastering My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends is an app designed for kids. In general, doing the obvious thing will enable you to work your way through any situation. If you’re having trouble finding the thing a character wants, try tapping on their thought bubble to teleport them to the object of their desires instantly.

You can unlock a total of 6 characters in My Talking Tom Friends. The best way to unlock these characters is to just play through the game naturally. They’ll show up as you continue to do activities and keep Tom and Angela happy. Don’t worry too much about specific conditions, just keep playing and everyone will show up.

In terms of cosmetics, be sure to spend your bus passes and play lots of mini-games. Bus passes immediately give you a number of bags with random loot and cosmetics, while mini-games are very rewarding when it comes to in-game currencies. You’ll get more tokens and items for getting good scores, so try to play games that you’re good at. To play mini-games go to the TV in the living room or find a prop associated with a mini-game and have a nearby character interact with that prop. 

Are you a My Talking Tom Friends fan? What are your favorite things to do in the house? What are your favorite cosmetics? Did we miss any tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!




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