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My Town : Daycare
The new My Town: Nursery shines through as you play and take care of 6 adorable babies in the daycare centre of this game.

About My Town : Daycare

A Complete Guide to My Town: Daycare

Want to take care of six adorable babies? Then you must play My Town: Daycare. This game developer is My Town Games LTD and you will love to play with babies. In this game, you can play with six adorable babies, and play with other twelve characters like family members and teachers. You can be anyone, a family member, a teacher, and your job is to take care of the babies. You will get six places to play, a playground with slides and swings, and you can interact with anything you find in the game. You have to take care of the sleeping time of the babies. Let them sleep and cover them with warm blankets. You can set their lunch table, eat food and grab something from the fridge. Make the game as you want, and it will depend on your imagination only. So, to have more fun playing this daycare game, you need to know about the gameplay and more. Let’s take a look at the below points. 

The games from My Town are mostly dollhouse gameplay. You can show your imagination and creativity through the game. You can play with your friends, role play with anyone you want, and have more fun. In My Town: Daycare, you will have to take care of six babies, and you can play with other various characters. You can interact with anything you want, make up your stories, and have fun with cute babies.  

Features of My Town: Daycare

My Town: Daycare is a multiplayer daycare game. You will get various characters to play with, babies, other family members, and parents, learn new things, and many more. You will get endless stories in this game. 

The levels of this game are amazing. You will never get bored playing with the six adorable babies or being a teacher. Once you understand the gameplay, you can easily play the game, and become the best daycare nanny in the town. Check out the best features of this game.

You can make anything possible in this gameplay

Your imagination powers the game

You will experience the four seasons and get clothing matched with each season. 

Discover different sounds and ninety items to play with

You can take part in competitions, get no time limit

Play in six different rooms

My Town: Daycare is a multiplayer digital daycare game. You will enjoy this game of role-playing, and you will never get bored playing these different characters in the gameplay. You have to play with a teacher, a family member and anything you want, learn more and have fun with friends.  

Once you start playing the game, you will understand more about the role-playing system, how to start with daycare, and have fun with various characters. To understand this fun game, you need to check the step-by-step procedure below. 

Step One: Be in charge of daycare

You have to be in charge of the six adorable babies. You have to take care of them the entire day. Check out the building, explore its places, and have fun with other characters. 

Step Two: Play with various characters

You may not find all the twelve characters to play with at first. You will see the locked characters in the upper section of the screen. You can drag them from there to do things. Once you allow them to play, you will learn about their functions. 

Step Three: Unlock Characters

To get all the characters you need to get the premium game version. Or you can just simply unlock the characters by watching the ads. However, in the basic gameplay, you will always get all six babies, and more characters to play with. 

What Are the Rewards?

One of the interesting things about this game is, that you will gain no points. You will not lose in this game, and you will not win either. You just have to role-play as caregivers, teachers, and parents even. You can get rewards while playing the game, buy gifts for free, and have more fun. You can take part in competitions, and if you score the highest, you may get some rewards. 

My Town: Daycare is a multiplayer digital daycare game. Here, you get to explore the house and role-play as a parent, family member, or teacher. Take care of the babies, have lunch and nap-time with them, and have more fun playing with your friends.  

You will not lose or win in this game, and not earn any points. You just have to role-play as a caregiver for six cute babies. If you loved playing this daycare game, you can share your valuable thoughts, so that other daycare game lovers can get more assistance and have fun.




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