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Toca Pet Doctor
Pets desperately need your help! In the Toca Pet Doctor game, our little animal friends need your love, care and help.

About Toca Pet Doctor

Are you looking for a game that is best for your kid to learn about the world and pets? If yes, then you must read this post and end your search here. Why? Because here, you will get to know about one such game - Toca Pet Doctor which is exclusively made for kids and thus is safe and informative for them. Let's us know more about it in the upcoming sections as follows: 


Here, your kid will be given several pet friends and he has to treat them with love and care. 

All he needs is to give the pet attention and look after them gently. They're not only two or three pets but 15 such animals which include: 

1. CHARM the ever-glowing dog 

2. TARZAN the topsy turvy turtle 

3. BUN our friendly neighborhood budgie

4. WORM the innocent happy earthworm 

5. POP the talkative spiny iguana 

6. BLOB the tiny slimy snail 

7. MOLLY the sweet and chipper Guinea Pig 

8. RASCAL the naughty cat 

9. BISSE the bright yellow canary

10.  PICKLES the sweet perky pigeon 

11.  DOTTIE the little spotted toad 

12. -CID (pronounced Sssssid) the gentle snake

13.  JESS the "pretty eyes" spider 

14. TOFU is a humble vegetarian rabbit. 

15. And BRIE the cheese lover mouse 

So, all these above-mentioned cute animals are going to be your child's partner. This is not all to entertain your child but many such amazing things are there in the game that you'll get to know in the next section. 

Feature Of Toca Pet Doctor

So are you now convinced of how amazing Toca Pet Doctor is and how its developers have designed this game by taking all the caution necessary to take while developing a game for kids between the ages of 3-6 years? Now it's time to familiarise yourself with the features of this game, which will tempt you to own it immediately.The features are as follows: 

15 lively, humble, and charming pet animals 

Animals aren't dangerous

They create no unnecessary nuisance 

Different kinds of food to feed animals 

Original artwork 

Kids friendly, intuitive and safe themes

No game rules 

No stress giving tasks 

Easy to play 

Funny and enjoying sounds

No advertisements

No in-app purchases 

No display of any third-party links 

Graphics that tempted the kid

No violence or harmful content 

Toca Pet Doctor is easy to play as you know that it is designed for kids especially but still to explain to your kiddo how he can play this game you also need to know it. So, follow the given instructions mentioned as follows: 

Step 1 

Here the kids have to look after the animals if they need some help. Check whether the animals are hungry or injured and then cure them with the required antiseptics, feed them, and let them sleep.

Step 2 

Again the next day, the kid has to wake up the animals, put them in the right place, clean their places, feed them, play with them and let them sleep. Ensure that he doesn't make them angry by accidentally hitting them or not cleaning their spaces. 

Step 3 

The game has different levels which are not tough. The difference there is just that the animals will become more interactive and will get injured often but you don't worry about it because till that time your child will get habitual of playing this game and manage to play it very well. 

Are There Any Rewards? 

Yes, if the kid is successful in making the animals happy then he or will get chocolate and to us as a reward which will resemble his/her progress. So, tell him/her this thing so that he plays the game well! 

Final Thoughts

Toca Pet Doctor is not only for the entertainment of children but also to expose them to the world and pets. It enables them to develop feelings of kindness and discipline in them. 

The best thing is that you don't need to be always with your kid when he is playing as there aren't any advertisements in between that may harm your privacy so that you can always feel free. 

So, are you ready to give this wonderful game to your child? Yes, then go and join in! 




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