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Pepi Super Stores: Fun Games
Pepi Super Stores in which players enter into a virtual store and interact with all the elements in it.

About Pepi Super Stores: Fun Games

Pepi Super Stores Fun Games: Do Whatever You Want In The Mall 

Fun Games is back with another amazing gameplay - Pepi Super Stores where you'll be free to do things of your choice. Ap let's hurry up and know about it fast so that you can get the opportunity to visit the shipping mall and have all the fun there soon! 

Pepi Super Stores as the name suggests is a mall simulator game where you'll be taken to a mall in the game and will be given all the freedom to do whatever you want to. Therefore making it more exciting.

Features Of Pepi Super Stores Fun Games 

Have you wondered what makes the Pepi Super Store so popular? Yes, but you didn't get the answer. If yes then know this time that it's its features that make it so much unique. So, why should you not know them? Let's read them as follows and get familiar with them: 

Includes more than thirty weird but interesting aliens from the space 

Can change the hairstyle and clothes of different characters 

Play the game as a fashion designer and design clothes using your favorite graphics 

Can use several accessories including glasses, hats, and other luxury items to dress up your characters 

Gender neutral game 

Get surprising results by using, mixing, and matching any equipment or item 

Explore the different places at the mall from clothing stores to salons, from restaurants to beauty parlors

Can play this game in several ways, just do the experiments and have the adventure

Discover the combinations by moving the items between different floors using elevators

Developed with safety for the age group between 3-8-year-old kids 

There is not only a single task in this game that you can complete and finish the game but has many different tasks which are similar to those which you might have done in your real life when you visited the mall. So, let's know how you can perform those tasks in the game as follows: 

Step 1 

Enter the mall and then get into the clothing store first so that you can try on as many clothes as you want. Try different clothes of unique designs and check which one suits you the most.  If you have decided on the clothes that you're going to buy finally then go and pay for them and get out of the clothing store to explore the other places in the mall as well.

Step 2 

You might be hungry by this time as you have tried so many clothes and wandered in the store as well to get the perfect ones therefore go straight to the food court and try different cuisines. What did you see? Aliens? Yes, these are aliens which are weird but don't worry they won't harm you as they are very friendly and are here just to serve and enjoy with you in the game. This is the twist about this game that here you will not get many human characters but aliens with whom you can explore the game.

Step 3 

Let's party and dance to our favorite songs with aliens. Yes, you guessed it right as you have to go to the top floors where you'll find many discos, enter anyone which you like and get in the party mode but before that don't forget to change your clothes in the washroom and hairstyle as well. Dress up in a cool and comfortable way so that you can enjoy moving in your songs and don't feel bound or restricted by your clothes. 


Pepi Super Stores has no special rewards in it because the main purpose that this game serves is to entertain the kids which it can do without the rewards even that's why it offers or simulates no rewards in its gameplay.

Pepi Super Stores Fun Games is all about gaining a mall experience. So, if you want your child to know what all things can be done in a mall before taking him/her to that place in real life then this game is good to go. So, get ready to gain mall experience with Pepi Super Stores Fun Games!




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