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Toca Kitchen
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About Toca Kitchen

Help children learn healthy eating with Toca Kitchen

Toca Kitchen is a playful game for children to teach them food exploration without the mess. The game uses bright colors to draw attention, and everything is big for small hands. Toca Kitchen features 4 guests: a boy, a girl, a cat and a bull. 4 hungry guests you have to feed with whatever is in your refrigerator. For parents, you can select the vegetarian option on the settings page

The game has cheerful music in the background. When you pick a guest to feed, your guest will sit at the table. On the left is the fridge with food, and on the right are the tools for you to prepare your food. There’s the chopping board, blender, microwave, pan, and boiling pot of water. The salt and pepper on the table is to add flavour. 

Experiment with cooking different food by dragging out the ingredient from the fridge and into the cooking pan. You can mix and match different ingredients to create a dish to feed your guest. The bull will smile when you serve hay from the fridge, while the rest will frown and refuse to eat.

When your guests are happy, they will smile and laugh. They make sounds of appreciation as they enjoy the food. You can swap between guests by tapping the green back arrow on the left top screen. Food will also replenish when you close the fridge door, so you can experiment with different recipes and see which one your guests like best. 

In the refrigerator, you have meat like steak, sausage and fish. Fruits like lemon, tomato and pear. Vegetables are mushroom, broccoli, potato and carrot. There is also a bale of hay for the bull. 

Operating the Tools

You can cut up food into pieces on the chopping board and serve it to your guest, or you can chop it into smaller pieces in the blender. To change tools, you have to place the food back onto your guest’s plate before transferring onto a different utensil. You can experiment boiling a tomato before pan frying it, but you can not blend an item into juice to cook it. 

In Toca Kitchen, you can season food with salt and pepper. Every time you bring food out from the fridge, it will refill itself and you can have as many items as you want on the table for your guests. But you can only cook one item at a time. When you return to your guest, the cooked food will appear on the plate, with the rest of the items. 

You can re-cook any items by dragging the food back into the kitchen. You can first boil the potato to soften it, then finish in the pan for a brown crispy potato dish. Finely chop mushrooms before pan frying it so you can mix it with sausages or steak.

Feeding your guests

You have to feed your guest food one item at a time, and you can feed some items whole. Aside from the watermelon, your guests can eat potato, fish and broccoli whole. When you feed them raw items, they will either drop the food or make a sad face after eating it. The humans will not eat raw meat, while the cat will enjoy a good fish even if it is not cooked. The bull will not eat meat, it will let the meat drop off the table, but it will eat the hay happily. 

Toca Kitchen is about encouraging children to try new things and understand how food is prepared. You can experiment with different ways to cook and prepare food for your guest, there is no wrong way. The ingredients are big and easy to select and drag around. When you drop them, they will bounce and roll away. Food will not burn, so you can leave it in the pan without worrying that it will catch fire. Feed your guest by picking up items and drag it to your guest’s mouth. Your guest will smile and laugh if it is something that they like, but they will frown and make a funny face if it is not. Sometimes, they will try the food even though they made a funny face before. You are welcome to share your favorite recipe in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!




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