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Peppa Pig: Party Time
Peppa and her friends are hosting a party, a very fun casual puzzle game, kids who love Peppa Pig don't miss it, come and party with Peppa Pig.

About Peppa Pig: Party Time

Peppa Pig: Party Time tells the story of a birthday party with Peppa Pig and her friends. Go through all of the steps of the party with Peppa, from mailing invitations to baking a cake, playing party games, and making a scrapbook of party memories at the end.

Peppa Pig: Party Time Description

Peppa Pig is a hit British children’s cartoon that discusses life as a child. In Peppa Pig: Party Time, you get to help Peppa and her friends as they plan, organize, attend, and remember a birthday party. The app features visuals that seem like they’re right out of the show, a warm British narrator, and plenty of games that you can play with your friends.

The process of planning Peppa’s party starts with designing and mailing out party invitations. You can decorate your invitation however you’d like, with stickers, writing, and more. The narrator helps walk you through the process, ensuring that you don’t get confused. He’ll even read out the writing that you put on the card to make sure you know what you’re sending. When you’re done, the invitations are mailed out to all of Peppa’s friends.

Next, you’ll get to make goodie bags for the party. Like the invitations, this process starts with decoration. After the bags are decked out with stickers, you get to add toys, candy, hats, and other goodies for Peppa and her friends.

The third step for Peppa’s perfect party is baking a cake. You’ll help mix ingredients, choose a color for the icing, and mix the frosting. After that, you’ll choose a filling, ice the top of the cake, and add decorations to your heart’s content. It’s not clear what age Peppa is, but the app will let you add dozens of candles so you can count to any year you’d like.

Party games come next. Peppa Pig: Party time lets you play musical chairs, pass the parcel, and pinata with up to four players in local multiplayer. In each game, tap on a section of the screen corresponding with your chosen character to manipulate them as they play the game. In musical chairs, the speed at which you tap controls your walking speed around the chairs. In pass the parcel, you simply tap the circle when the parcel is thrown to you. For the pinata, you again simply tap the circle when it’s your turn.

The final step in Peppa’s party is perhaps the most important. Peppa has a blank scrapbook and lots of pictures of the party. It’s up to you to choose the best ones and organize them to contain her memories. This is a neat touch that ensures that you can reflect on your time spent with the app and teach you how you might save your own memories in the future.

Peppa Pig: Party Time is not a complicated game. Instead, it’s a game designed for children. While it’s not an educational game per se, there’s a lot of value to having a digital party experience that kids can embark on before going to real parties. Peppa Pig: Party Time will help set realistic expectations about parties, allow you to talk to your kids about party games (and winning and losing), and let your kids experience the world of Peppa Pig at their own pace.

Overall, the excellent art and narration and robust, kid-friendly gameplay make Peppa Pig: Party Time a great experience. It’s very short, however, with a typical playthrough lasting twenty minutes or so. Apps like this are best compared to children’s books, and can be reused multiple times with younger children, but don’t expect to get something that’ll occupy a middle schooler for a dozen hours. You’re getting a short, high-quality interactive picture book for your purchase.

The gameplay of Peppa Pig: Party Time is designed to be simple enough for small children to play the game with little assistance. If you’re having trouble, try turning your sound up so you can hear the narrator. He’s very helpful in figuring out what to do next.

As a parent, Peppa Pig: Party Time is best paired with discussion, questions, and activities. The game is likely to inspire your kids to want to do all of the things that Peppa Pig does for her party. This is great! Set aside time and supplies to decorate invitations, make party bags, and bake a cake with your kids. As far as party games go, talk about winning and losing, why Peppa Pig’s games might not be ideal for your kids and their friends, and what games they’d like to play instead to avoid the tears of musical chairs. Finally, be sure to build a scrapbook of their party that they can fill with their own pictures!






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