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Among Us
Among Us is a casual strategy game created and published by Innersloth, which can be played online with 4-15 players.

About Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer social game (like Mafia) where you and your friends have to figure out who’s working with the team and who’s secretly trying to murder all of you. Watch your shipmates and listen carefully so you can spot lies and deception!

Mafia, But In Space

Among Us is a simple social game that involves two kinds of players: crewmates and imposters. At the start of each game, players are secretly assigned one of these two roles. The majority of the players, the crewmates, are tasked with running around a map with their 2d avatars and completing a variety of basic tasks. The imposters, on the other hand, must attempt to murder the crewmates one by one and prevent these tasks from being completed.

Crewmates have to complete basic tasks to win the game.

Assembling The Council

While imposters can kill crewmates that get close to them instantly (with a short cooldown), crewmates have the ability to summon the ship’s crew for a vote. In these votes, everyone is brought to a central location. You can then share any evidence, theories, or accusations that you’ve accumulated in your time completing tasks. Did you see the green player go through a vent and stab the blue player? Tell everyone else! At the conclusion of each meeting, you can choose to evict one player from the ship. Eject all of the imposters and you win!

Voting to evict the imposter

The big twist here is that you’re allowed to lie. Experienced imposters will work hard to create alibis for themselves while picking off crewmates that are far apart from their friends, making it difficult for concrete evidence of their actions to surface. This means that the crewmates will often be jumping at shadows. A misinterpreted chain of events can lead to the crewmates ejecting one of their own. A savvy imposter will help bolster incorrect theories and float a few of their own, turning the crewmates against each other and making victory certain for the stabby side.

Ejecting crewmates can have dire consequences for the good guys

A Viral Phenomenon

Among Us was a small indie game that found viral success in 2020 thanks to content creators on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. These days, it’s tough to find anyone on the internet who hasn’t experienced Among Us, whether it’s through firsthand play, watching a Let’s Play or a stream, or simply being exposed to the omnipresent “amogus” meme. This means that the game is familiar to most social groups. If you’ve got a hankering to play Among Us, talk to your friends – they’ll know what you’re talking about and they’ll probably be willing to set up a few games so you can experience the game for yourself.

Friends First

While you can definitely play a “pick-up” game of Among Us with people you’ve never met, you’ll probably have more fun playing Among Us with a group of friends. It’s not required for you to be super close to everyone who’s in the game, but being on a big voice call with people you know at least a little bit will make the game experience a lot more fun. Not only will you have a different viewpoint on the social cues given by other players, but you’ll also be able to create great memories that will enhance your relationships with the people in your game.

The lobby screen

Social Deception

A big part of Among Us is reading the social and emotional cues that other players give off when they’re lying and telling the truth. In order to ensure success, you’ll want to pay close attention to how other players act when they make statements at meetings. If they act in a way that’s different from how they acted before, there’s a good chance that one of their statements is a lie. If you knew that they were telling the truth before, that means they’re probably pushing an agenda. Expose their deception and vote them off the ship!

A typical chat altercation during a ship meeting

In-Game Tips

In addition to the social aspect of Among Us, your gameplay as both a crewmate and an imposter can have a huge impact on your team’s success. As a crewmate, try sticking with other players so that they can call a meeting if you’re murdered and alert the others. Let everyone else know who you’re sticking with and where you’re going so that there’s a trail for others to investigate. As an imposter, try to attack isolated players. Use vents when you’re alone to commit foul stabbings, then return to your original location to create an alibi. If you’ve got other cooperative imposters, consider performing coordinated assaults on pairs of players or set up alibis for each other to improve your chances of success.

The buddy system in action.

Are you an Among Us master? Which of the in-game maps is your favorite? Did we miss any tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!




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