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Family Farm Adventure
Experience the ultimate blend of farming and adventures! Build your floral farm, explore mysterious islands with animal companions, and dive into chal

About Family Farm Adventure

Help your grandmother and friends rebuild the village in Family Farm Adventure 

After a big storm you return to your island to find it ruined by the rain and strong wind. Your first job is to help your grandmother clear the land and fix her home. The game teaches you how to clear the land to get some items so you can make repairs. At the start, certain actions are compulsory, and the game will highlight the area that you need to tap on. 

Follow the instructions until the game releases you to explore the map on your own. Then you can go places by tapping on the screen. At the start, clearing the land is a priority as you need materials to repair buildings. 


Each action requires energy, and it replenishes after a while. Your gold coins are the normal currency in the game, while gems are premium currency to speed up repairs or buy things that you need to fulfill orders. You can access the settings via the cog below the gem. Your level in the game is on the top left corner, and your energy level is in the center of the screen.

Access the shop via the lower left icon below your quest button. There are 5 sections you can choose from: buildings, livestock, houses, decorations and fences. Most buildings and livestock have a level limit, but make sure you buy the maximum farmland and animals to boost your coin earnings.   

If you are low on energy, you can still perform tasks. If a task requires 10 energy but you only have 1, you will only do 1 energy worth. You will find candies while working around the land, and the candies fill up your energy bar until you use it all up. 

Your quest journal is on the bottom left corner. There will be a tick and a notification when you can fulfill certain quests. Check the quest page regularly to collect rewards and experience points. The higher your level, the more areas you can unlock and explore. Some quests will appear together, while there are quests that are time- sensitive and will give higher rewards. 

Once you clear the land and find the farming plot, your next goal is to fulfill orders. Plant sunflowers, corn and more by dragging your finger across the farmland. Once they are ready, a sickle icon will appear to remind you to harvest. Next to the farm is an order board, meet the orders to gain coins and experience points. The reward bar fills with each finished order. 

There is no time limit for some orders, so you do not have to worry about filling them immediately. When you do not have the item, you have to first gain the raw material before you can make it in a workshop, kitchen or dairy shop. Complex orders will give you higher experience points and more money. 

You can spend as many gold coins as you want, but save the gem for emergencies. Gems are harder to come by and they can make quests easier. Let buildings repair themselves, you can clear more land while you are waiting. There is always something to do in Family Farm Adventure

Exploring Family Farm Adventure

The foggy area is the locked area in the map, you access it by clearing the land next to the fog. If your level is too low, the fog will not lift. Explore other parts of the map and perform quests until you gain enough level to do so. At the start, Grandmother will need you to help her with a big event: The Flower Festival. 

Once you unlock the boat to travel between lands, your first trip will take you to the Lemurian Jungle. After that, the world is your oyster in Family Farm Adventure. Clearing the land takes energy, but farming and harvesting does not. So, while you wait for your energy to replenish, plant as much crop as you can to be ready for more orders. If you have any other tips to share, comment in the area below so that more people like the game. 



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