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Pet Doctor - Animal care games for kids
Pet Doctor is brought to you by Pazu Games Ltd, publishers of popular children's games trusted by millions of parents worldwide.

About Pet Doctor - Animal care games for kids

Pet Doctor Animal Care Games For Kids: Be A Animal Doctor 

Are you an animal lover? If yes then the game which you'll get to know is going to excite you the most because of its animal-centered gameplay. The why to wait and let's start discussing Pet Doctor Animal Care as follows: 

There are many animals in the game among them some are owned while some are left in the streets hungry and injured. What's your task in this game is to treat them and make them healthy therefore the game not only entertains but also satisfies human values.

Features Of Pet Doctor Animal Care Games For Kids

The features of Pet Doctor Animal Careers are or less similar to other games but it doesn't mean that it lacks adventure because the characters in this game are the heart of it which makes the game feel exciting, let's know about the game features and characters as follows:  

Easy to play and master 

Free to play 

Not so expensive-app purchases will get to play with many lovely animals 

Free from any advertisement

Designed specifically for kids 

Use all the hospital tools 

My interesting characters with a lot of conversations

Pet Doctor Animal Care has a lot of animals and characters in it because of which you can play the game in many ways but the simple way to play this game is described in a  few steps below as follows:

Step 1

Open your veterinary hospital and let people bring their pets to your hospital.  Ask them what happened and have their petition something wrong.? If they say yes then it must be good poisoning and that is why the stomach is aching. Call your nurse to bring the food poisoning injection and then inject the rabbit with that. Give all the proper instructions that are to be kept in mind after leaving the hospital with the pet. Also if needed write the medicine prescription and tell the pet owner to buy them from the medical store.

Step 2 

Explore many places in search of needy animals who have nobody who can take care of them. Find these animals, you can find them under the bridge near the footpaths in the gardens. These animals need your help therefore take them with you in your hospital van and then handover them over to your staff so that they can do their checkup and then find out if there is any medical problem with them or not.

Step 3 

After your staff has done the medical checkup of the stray pets it's time to first clean them and then also provide some food to them. By this time the medical reports will be in your hand stating the medical condition of those pets, treat every pet according to its condition, and keep them with you in your veterinarian until they get all well.

Step 4 

You are doing a great job by saving little animals but if you keep all the animals that don't have anyone to take care of them your veterinarian will be filled with them and how you'll treat other animals. Therefore it's time to build a shelter home for such animals where they can live and can be taken care of. Further, if you run out of funds you can ask for donations from your patients or also ask people to adopt them. This is how you have to run the veterinary hospital and prove yourself as a good animal doctor.


The game is completely centered around values of humanity and kindness towards needy animals therefore the game developers have tried to keep the players away from the greediness of earning rewards. This has no rewards that can lure you but a wonderful storyline to play on. 

Pet Doctor Animal Care Games For Kids doesn't promote anything irrelevant or harmful to kids. Everything in this game teaches a unique lesson to its users, therefore making them responsible citizens. You can also make your kids responsible with Pet Doctor Animal Care for free as it doesn't need money to access it. So, get ready today to give your kid this wonderful game! 






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