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Squid Game: Challenge
Squid Game Challenge" is a fun and casual free-to-play game based on the Netflix show "Squid Game" by Supercent.

About Squid Game: Challenge

Squid game challenge for Android. Play survival minigames to win.

Let's play the squid game! Will you accept the invitation? Wait for the player. The game will start soon! What is your favorite character? Maybe you are the lead singer?

Round 6 Winning.

1. red light, green light in the squid game challenge

2. Molasses Comb in Squid Game Challenge

3. Tug of war in the squid game challenge

4. Marble in Squid Game Challenge

5. Glass stepping stones in squid game challenge

6. Squid game challenge

And so on.

Play free squid game: If your favorite number is 001, 067, 218, 456, 212, please challenge.

The gameplay of "Squid Game Challenge" consists of wooden man, ponzu, tug-of-war, stone-stepping and bouncing ball, each level follows the plot of the TV series. 5 levels are one round, and the difficulty of each round will gradually increase. In the wooden man level, the size of the player's character will shrink as the number of rounds increases; in the ponzu level, the number of rounds will directly affect the complexity of the pattern.

Players can only survive by passing all levels. The gameplay is very exciting, and eliminating other players to become the last survivor can give you a great reward!

All of the games may bring the user a lot of interesting ways.

Many different gameplay styles will emerge with many interesting sensations.

Each game will produce only one final winner.

Different difficulty modes give the player the freedom to choose and perform various actions by tapping the screen.

The plot is the same as the TV series, with a cartoon style to create a comfortable experience.

The difficulty gradually increases, allowing players to enjoy the challenge of bloodshed, and various props will help.




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