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Toca Boo
TocaBoo is a fun prank game where players can run ghosts to scare people and give full play to their imagination to scare as many people as possible!

About Toca Boo

Do you believe in the ghosts ? Yes , then make other people also believe in them by becoming a ghosts itself. How ? Play Toca Boo and scare family members of the house until they admit that yes there is a ghost in their house .  What next ? Follow the post till the end to know what you have to do in the game and how interesting it is going to play it .

You will be a Ghosh in this game where you have to scare all the family members of the house where you and those people live and also everyone who comes to that house.

People here don't believe in ghosts therefore you main purpose in this game is to scare them to the deadliest that they start believing that ghosts really exists. Explore the different places of the house and make all the surprises hidden yours .

Features Of Toca Boo

Toca Boo has a lot of features for its users which includes all the things that a scare game must have . So, let's not reveal everything here and discuss them as follows:

No in app purchases

No third party advertisements

No adult content

Extremely safe for little kids 

Original and beautiful artwork

No time limit or high scores - feel free to play it anytime to any extent

Six interesting characters in the family to sacre 

Find the hidden surprises in the house 

Eat things to get bigger scares 

Explore the big house with six rooms in two floors 

The game is very simple and interesting to play . Let's know what you have to do in the game after buying it . Follow the steps as follows:

Step 1

First , hide yourself at any general place where all the members go, usually in the common toilet , under the dining table , sofa, or any such place. Then wait for the right moment to scare the person. Don't scare anyone when everyone is nearby or there is light in the room as at that time people will not be so much scared.

Step 2 

When many of the family members have left the house for work or something and only a few are there in the house you must not leave this golden opportunity. Turn off the lights and start throwing things here and there to grab the attention of house members and finally when anyone comes near you to check what's going on -scare them!

Step 3 

Eat all the things that lie in your way, even human food. This will give you the energy and power to scare more performable dying. Open and close the doors for no reason, as you are invisible one will know who's doing this and will feel suspicious and weak from inside. At this moment you can scare any of the members by keeping your hands on its shoulder.

Step 4 

Don't be on the same floor and explore other rooms and floors of the house to find other hiding places of the house. Uncover the surprises covered there and use them to scare the family members. This time give your best to make them believe that yes a ghost named "Toca Boo '' exists for.

Keep on continuing to play this game and scare every person that comes to this house. Give the special guest a special Toca Scare Boo! 


No there are not any particular Rewards in the game but as you go on eating up the things that lie your way then your scary power will be enhanced also there are many surprises in the houses that you have to find and use. Therefore it's been said that there are not any dedicated rewards in the game but alok these surprises are also not less than that.

Final Thoughts

Toca Boo is a unique game that differs from other ghost games in several terms. This game is made for people of every age which means that anyone between 4 years to 70 years of age can play it and have the same joy of scaring people and watching their feared emotions.

So, are you ready to be Toca Boo and scare people to laugh at them? Yes, then go and try your hand on Toca Boo!




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